Another Step Closer But Not Feeling The Thrill.

I should be more excited, but I’m feeling pretty lack luster at the moment, maybe it has to do with my current mood or something. Anyway, I finished breaking down each section into scenes. I really should be feeling pretty proud of myself or something, but today it doesn’t seem very momentous. I can only talk myself into be excited about this so much. I have good days and bad days I guess today’s bending toward the bad. Today, I just don’t see what’s so important about writing this story. I mean it’s the same as any other story ever written, you know person goes into a new place and tries to figure out how to live in that new place and blah di blah di blah. God, where do those people who write get the drive to write through these moments? Shit. Well, I quit my job so I better do something, right? I said I quit it to write this stupid book so I guess I’ll keep writing it. Bukowski said, when it is truly time/and if you have been chosen,/it will do it by/ itself and it will keep on doing it/ until you die or it dies in you.

So, I’ll make this lugubrious post short. I broke the 1st draft into sections, figured out how to end it, found the best way in draft form to make it all make sense, then I broke all 34 sections down into scenes. Why? I don’t know structure I guess. So tonight since this is my “job” I’ll pick a section. How about…section 5-Meeting Endres. I can do any scene but I’ll start with the first scene- it is described as thus:

Marco and Annabelle head to the Akropolis to find Michael. They find it too crowded in the main bar area so they head over to the smaller bar this is where they meet Endres.

So Marco- Marco Lawrence and Annabelle Lee Harper are the main characters in this story- you have the fortune of knowing their full names as their full names will never be used in the actual story. I don’t even know what Endres full name is yet, guess I’ll make that up tonight some good Norwegian name, he’s Norwegian, from Oslo, he was a grave digger. Annabelle and Marco are both from the U.S. They all live in Prague, the year is 1999. Exciting huh? There are other characters in this scene there is Michael from England, where exactly and what his full name is I don’t know yet. Actually, looking over the scene breakdown I notice that Michael is not in this scene he is just the reason that they end up in the location. There is a Czech guy in the scene but he isn’t a big character he just helps to show more development of the other three. It is an important scene as Endres is an important character and even though he shows up in earlier scenes this is the first time they actually meet. There you go.

Mood Sucking Monster AKA Writer's Blues

Mood Sucking Monster AKA Writer

So is a writer’s block when you can’t think of anything to write or is it when you don’t think anything you write is necessary? Maybe, I have the writer’s blues. Do they have a pill you can take that makes you believe everything you do is awesome? Oh right, they do it’s called cocaine. Damn it.


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