One Down, 33 to Go, Till Draft 2

Maman died today. -The Stranger, Albert Camus

A very good day today. Today, I actually felt like I worked. Not that the research and the organizing and all the prep work isn’t work, but today was my first day of sitting down and really pounding it out.

I’m not sure how many hours I put in. I should keep track of my hours. I have a goal to put in eight hours a day. Which after today I definitely would consider work. I think I put in about four. I had to take breaks just from the straight sitting but today was…well rewarding.

I wrote 4,306 words today and finished section 8. While writing I would get completely lost in the story or sometimes I would fall out of it and get ahead of myself thinking stuff like, “okay I need to put more discription on here or this feels a little cluncky.” But I’d write past it telling myself to wait for the third draft. I’m already thinking about the third draft and I already know what to focus on in that draft. I still have 33 sections of the 2nd draft to write, so I’m defiintly ahead of myself. The point is, today was rewarding, today felt like- God Damnit! I’m a writer.

When I wrote this out six years ago I had written it from 1st POV, but I felt that it made the main character, Annabelle, sound too whiney and it lacked some of the humor. I wanted the audience to really like her and the other characters and to see the humor in some -well, kind of messed up situations. Switching it from 1st to 3rd, although a little challenging and part of what causes the clunckiness, is actually bringing out more of the humor. I’m glad because I really couldn’t decide how to approach or tell the story. I’ve made some internal dialouge external and given some of Annabelle’s thoughts to other characters.

I’m enjoying this, a lot. God, I wish I got paid to do this. When I was doing theatre I was in a summer stock theater company called Court Theatre. I remember sitting on a table with this guy who was in a play with me and we were working on our lines together. I loved doing theatre, and at the time I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I stopped in the middle of working and I said, “Can you believe we get paid to do this?!” At the time I couldn’t imagine a better job ever. The only problem with theatre is that you have to audition and prove to all these people that you are something special, and so many people want to do it, and so many people are willing to do it for free. It’s rough competition. I really admire my friends that are still putting themselves out there. I’m seriously digressing here.

Thing is, I find it very difficult to find things other than the arts rewarding and all I want is to get paid doing what I love, who doesn’t, right? I’m not getting paid for this, yet, but I tell you I can not wait until the day I’m sitting with someone going over some part of one of my books or maybe working with someone on some writing and to stop and look up at them and say, “Can you believe we get paid to do this?”

How lucky to get to do what you love. How incredibley lucky.

I’m really falling for my characters and I hope one day you do too.

Speaking of jumping ahead of myself everytime I walk away from typing I think about my next story, and the one after that. I’ve been waiting for this, waiting till I tapped into this part of myself.

Tomorrow- at least 5,000 words. At least.


Stay on the Path- if you want.


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