Scheduling by Word Count

In the past three days I’ve written 17,000 words and completed the second drafts of five sections out of the 34 that I divided out of the rough draft. If I divide the story in half then I would say I started in the middle of the first half.

I have no idea if 17,000 words is much. On Friday and Saturday I wrote around 5 to 7,000 words, but today I only managed to get out 3,771. I’m just tired today. I think that I probably need to move my body around a little bit more. I danced around the house some yesterday, did sit ups, push ups stuff like that and yesterday I wrote the most. I think physical exercise is key to keeping my brain going. It’s strange because this is pretty much all I do now. It’s what I wanted, you know, solitude to write but social isolation is an adjustment. Interesting thing is that when I’m not writing my mind is all over the place because there is no social distractions, and I don’t always like where my mind is wandering, but when I am writing I am in Prague. I’m walking the streets. I’m sitting with the characters. I’m starting to like it better there than here. Sounds psycho, and I sound completely boring; all I do is write, read and watch movies, but this is only benefiting the writing process. If the writing takes me away from things in my mind that I don’t want to think about all the more to absorb myself in this world that I’ve built out of my head. I only have a month left to really work on it before I’m going to have to find work so I might as well get all psychoesque pretending this imaginary world is better than the real world.

I haven’t been up on keeping track of my hours so the word count is helpful with my progress because I can set targets for myself. Like today I really wanted to do at least 7,500 before calling it a night but I just got tired. Ironically here I am writing this blog which is well writing. Anyway… tomorrow- goal 7,500 at least.



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