Random Thoughts Distract From Writing

I have some random thoughts sandwiching this book update. into-the-woods

I’ve been having weird dreams lately, but I’m not remembering them all too well. The other night I dreamt I was given some sort of power, I don’t remember what, but I didn’t want to deal with anyone so I just sat up in this tree, and god was there sitting on the next branch over. I hadn’t noticed him at first until he said something about the people below. I looked over and there he was, all chill, hanging out in the crook of the branch. He was dressed in a toga and had messy hair and a short grey beard. He talked like The Dude. I don’t remember anything he said to me. Figures.

I’m not sure what that dream meant, but maybe it had to do with letting go. I wrote my first grant, it is out in the world and now I have to let it go. WooHoo! The Grant is done and thankfully the pride has finally hit. I wrote a grant in two days I kick ass! Of course I wont be surprised if I don’t get it but for today- Who Cares! Woo. Hoo! I took some days off from writing because my brain was fried.

Random thoughts:

I’ve been eating accidentally healthy lately. I had this great plan to save money by making soups and stews. After all it’s getting closer to winter and stews and soups are great plus you can freeze them and their economical, oh mighty geeze the list just goes on…So, I’ve been making stews out of this cook book How it All Vegan. I’m not a vegan but for some reason I have a lot of vegan cookbooks. I’ll make a stew and its really tasty but I realize after I finish eating it that it’s nearly fat free and chalk full of so many healthy vitamins and minerals my arteries are singing gospel but I’m always left wishing I had a basket of french fries or fried chicken. MmmmmmmChicken.

It’s NaNoWriMo and best of luck to everyone working their hardest to get a novel done in a month. 50,000 cheers for you all. I decided not to participate since I want to focus on my current novel but as I had used their word count as a guide before, I suppose, I can pretend. I’m going to send out some stuff to a contest all under AROHO. Why the hell not I say and this time I have a whole month. It’s a poetry contest.

Fall is passing. I love fall. It is absolutly my favorite season.  It smells like fires and crisp dying leaves and candy. I love how the air bites, and you have to wear layers of clothes, and you tend to wear earth tones. I love the colors like the earth is on fire, bright oranges and purples and reds, pinks. Its rich and hearty, earthy real. I love it. Almost everyday that I walk down the street and I see some tree that is tearing me apart with its outragously, how dare it stop my heart with that color, color. I think fall is my favorite season and then that Okkervil River song pops into my head, “Red” but it’s okay because I really like that band and I think that may be one of my favorite songs by them. ( I still haven’t been able to add just music yet so here’s an okay film video but it is the song.)

Fall is my favorite season fall into reasoning why you crashed from on high…



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