It’s all about Writing

My friend who just took off for a three month adventure in Thailand left me with a bunch of her books. In the pile was Stephen King’s-On Writing- A Memoir of the Craft. I read it all in one day. I think it is the best book on writing ever written. I have this new found adoration for Stephen King now that I’ve read this book. There were points when I literally laughed out loud or got all teary eyed- all over writing. What I like the best about it is, I felt like he was talking just to me.

I’ve been trying to increase my reading repertoire-my life pretty much consists of reading, sitting around thinking about writing, scribbling stuff down and watching some movies. I’ve finally relaxed into this solitary life. I think I may have a couple of months left before having to move onto something, whatever that something is I really don’t care much about at the moment. On the wall in my room facing my bed I taped up the words, really large, really bold- GO WRITE. I think I’ll put my name above it for emphasis in case I forget who I’m talking to. I feel like I should be stronger than this, you know not having to tell myself to write by writing it on my wall or pretending that Stephen King wrote a book on writing just for me, but there isn’t a bolt of lighting for all of us, no shaking thunder of god telling you what you are meant to do, so if you have to write it on the wall then I guess that’s just what some of us have to do.

 News from the vet was not so encouraging. Kitty is suffering from a severe disease- that’s all I got. I’m guessing he’s trying to get me mentally prepared. Little things have rolled around in my brain like what am I going to do with the cat box, it took me so long to find the right one, you’d never imagine it to be such a chore, the cat box. Eck. I don’t really want to think about it. Life, life, life. I’ll know more tomorrow. Why am I even mentioning this in a blog about being a writer? I suppose preparing for the death of something I love, even a pet, will effect my writing in one way or another.

See it’s all about writing.



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