What Stephen King Says

Following the advice of  Mr. Stephen King, I’m not going to look at my novel for a couple of days.

Mr. King suggested once finishing a draft to take a few days off, write something else maybe. Like, as if I was making kimchee or something! I need to bury it in the ground and wait for it to ferment. I have been keeping busy with other things, I suppose. I really have no sense of – well, damn it, anything. No sense of time, no judgement; of whether or not I’m a good worker, hard worker, no sense of accomplishment, just none. Of course I’m going to say that I haven’t done jack, but I’m thinking it might be my warped mind blinding me to the fact that I just wrote a 281 page novel using a whopping 80,088 words. I’m shrugging my shoulders thinking, big deal. What? What! Am I mad? Some day the real me will show up and she’s gonna appreciate all the hard work.

I submitted my first poem, to a contest- it is AROHO and it is still open, women, if you are interested. It does have a 15$ reading fee. I’m broke so I’m looking for the free entries but since AROHO offers such a large grant to women I figure all the money goes back to helping to keep the grant available.  I recently got a subscription to American Short Fiction, my McSweeney’s expired and although I really do enjoy McSweeney’s I’m trying to broaden my literature journals and I just can’t afford them all at the same time.  I’ve been reading some short stories keeping my eyes on the newest writers and, yes, I’m also asking, would they publish me? Does my audience read their journal?

I’m having a slow time getting through Bringing up Girls in Bohemia, It’s the structure and I can’t tell if the structure is Michal Viewegh‘s style or if it is just a bad translation.

Lastly, I’ve taken to reading Bria’s blog Luv YA. She writes young adult fiction, which I do not write, and she links her blog up to many other writers who write young adult fiction. What with all the publishing houses closing and the crappy economy and the doomsday feeling that all will be lost she’s this bright cheery spot. She’s very positive and has a lot of good information on publishing and she works very hard at keeping herself busy with writing. I think that it doesn’t matter what genre you write in, you can learn different things from writers who work with different styles.

So, I’ve done it. Another draft complete. Books read, blogs read, what more is there?


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