Learning From Other Bloggers

I spent about five hours going back through my favorite, friendly accessible literary blogger, MS. LUV YA. Honestly, I think I wanted to just read up on her weekly publishing round ups but then suddenly felt like doing some Bria research and started at the beginning of her posts.

I read all of her past posts on the Publishing Round up and notes taken from her Summer 2008 attendance to the RWA nationals– (I’m not a romance writer, but pitching is pitching and learning is learning no matter what genre) if you are not familiar with the publishing agent world, as I am unfamiliar, then I recommend reading these posts. She took excellent notes. I had to post this line she posted about herself, from when she was making a pitch to a potential agent. It made me bust out laughing.

And so the next thing you know, your 12 and reading ritualized incestual sex.

I have no experience in plugging, pulling or pitching but I understand auditioning and her recap all reminds me of foot in mouth experiences I had while auditioning for grad school and theatre competitions. I was a good actress, but auditioning? Forget it, I sucked. I sucked so bad at auditioning, and only one person saw through the nervous stumbles. I can see myself going through the same thing with trying to get my stuff published.

I’m so mentally tired after reading so many, different blog sites from different agents and agencies, all courtesy of Luv Ya’s blog , that I feel like I just want to be Emily Dickinson  and never step outside of my room (or estate if I had one of those). I do know I have what it takes to be a writer, but a published writer? I don’t know. I think I just want to get my book done. Honestly, I don’t think I mind vanishing into oblivion. I’ve never been good at impressing people, especially when trying to sell myself.  I have to give an enormous applaud to all those people that put out queries and submit  over and over again, not because I think its brave, it is and it isn’t, but because its hard, hard work. You have to do two very different jobs neither of which do you get paid for until SOMEONE decides/chooses, okay this is pay worthy. Really, you’re probably working three jobs, and no insurance to boot. Holy hell that’s so much work. Tenacious, persistent and self-reliant go getting writers. Ample applause.

As for myself, I think getting anything of mine published is so far in the future that I can’t think about it (even if that future was tomorrow). I just have to remain in the very present which is writing this post. Hello I’m writing a post…, so my reality, now, is working on my novel’s revisions, [when I do (I need a title)] patting myself on the back when I  actually see something through, (like the NYC Challenge) and moving from one soul sucking job, that keeps a roof over my head, to the next. I’m not complaining, I get to write and that makes me happy, whether anyone will ever read my stuff, well I guess thats thought for the future. In the meantime, I’ll go back to Luv Ya and her insightful notes, links and encouragements, because to me the publishing world is like the ocean in the mist of a rising storm, and I don’t even have a kiddie pool to dip my toes. I’ll look at the ocean from the shore till I can swim because even the experts drown sometimes.

I’m going to step away from the computer for a bit to rest my eyes and then work on the book (see, needs a title) following Bria’s advice on how to slay-adverbs. I posted it here- Easy breezy steps I think:

1. Using Word’s find tool, I searched: “ly ” — “ly,” — “ly.”

2. Any of these outside dialogue got highlighted

3. On this read through, I pay special attention to where and how the pink is.



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