Writing Workshop for teens day 2

E. didn’t show up to this week’s workshop which was disappointing. I had really hoped he would like it and continue to join. Almost everyone else returned except S. who was out sick and C. who had to take care of her child. But a new kid joined, SE. So it still averaged around 11 to 12 kids. I thought they hated the first workshop so I had no idea how this day would go.

There is usually an interruption everyday, one of the security guys coming in to give me some information or some kid getting up to say they have to go. I just go with it. Mainly because, what else am I supposed to do? I’ve set up a little structure that goes like this:

First hour:

It always starts at least 8 mins late.

A warm up write- Pick one of these writing prompts and write for 3mins then we will share our work without feedback. -you need to write but you are always welcome to pass if you don’t want to share your writing.

I usually have some announcement and then I bring in some idea for publishing.

A writing exercise- So I did the black out poem. I saw it on LUV YA blog connecting Austin Kleon’s blog and I just thought it was so cool, I wanted to try it out. I couldn’t really tell if they liked it, but K. and I. (the two friends) both pulled incredible poems out of their articles. SE, seemed not to like it too much till he heard what K and I wrote, then he saw it’s potential.  I asked for their feedback on the exercise and what would make it better and they said not to use articles but maybe using creative writing instead, most said it was difficult but that they liked the challenge, no one said they didn’t like it.

We have a break

Second hour-

We work on a writing element. This day we did imagery, so we read from Pablo Neruda’s Ode to Tomatoes. We had a short discussion and M. said maybe the poem is about paying attention to the things we take for granted.

We did a list of everyday things we use in our life and then I had them pick one of those things and to write every detail you could think of about that item. Then with a prompt, like “in the morning hours”, I had them spend five minutes on that exercise before we shared and offered feedback. K. wrote an Ode to the Air that was very good.

As an update NYC Short Story Challenge results were pushed back till midnight on the 8th, so I still have a chance to have won my heat. I’ll know tomorrow.

As far as my book which started this blog in the first place, I’ve decided on the title Zizkov. It’s the only title that keeps returning to my brain. I’ve worked some more on the editing of the third draft. I think after this draft is complete, along with letting some friends read it for advice I’ll start making inquires into finding someone who might be interested in publishing. I have a very loose idea of how to go about this so, I don’t expect immediate results-positive or negative.

At one of my temp jobs I started the introduction to a second book. I had started another book idea earlier but I wasn’t feeling it but this new one has potential.

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