Workshop 5

It was a small group again. I think five showed up. K came to the second half. I’m always happy to see her, she has great energy and a good heart, she’s a little all over the place but many of us are. She interrupted a write (with an apology) to say this boy she’s been crushin on is at the school today. I smiled because I understood how that felt. How it feels when you like someone so much you just have to stop the world to let everyone know, then you let the world roll back on. We should all smile at those moments, I think.

We are starting to talk about submissions now. They have the opportunity to submit up to three pieces of work. We talked a little about revising. 

The workshop started off the same as usual, a 5 min warm-up write, with these prompts:

Not seeing the step…

Outside the window…

In my heart…(this was the popular pick)

Things i miss…(this one brought up lots of stories of missing being a child and it was something we all related too.)

We then did an exercise of guided writing, with abstractions. I wrote a list of abstractions on the board:

Anger, love, greed, peace, happiness, death – and then I read them a list of questions that started like this:

I want you to think about anger, what can you tell me about anger? What would anger taste like? What would it wear, what type of clothing would it be? What kind of machine would it be? How would anger sound? What kind of animal would it be? 

I had them apply all those questions to each abstraction. The idea was, after doing this brainstorm we would pick one of those abstractions, and write on them, but they liked what they came up with on their lists and they decided they wanted to share them.

Here are some of my favorites:

Happiness is like a frilly dress. 

If greed was an animal it would be a badger.

Peace is like the taste of your first bite of watermelon on a hot summer day.

Anger is like a toilet.

Death is the taste of dissolved peppermints, you know they are gone but the sent and the flavor lingers.

I liked this exercise so much, I think I may do it myself more often. If my adult writing group ever meets again, I’m going to suggest we try it. 

After the break we did a distillation exercise that took up the entire second half. I’ll devote a separate post to share the exercise.

I have a wish list: I need to get an external hard drive, I fear a crash and right now my computer is my life line. I’d also like a scanner I have a lot of ideas of how I’d like to convey and share some of my ideas, and I feel a little bit hindered by my lack of technology and the use of it. 

I think technology is amazing and the amounts of creative use you can get out of it are mind boggling but I need to learn to be more savvy. There is just too much in side here that is crying to get out and have a conversation with the world.

It’s March, and today is beautiful, maybe one of the most beautiful days I have felt in months. It’s a, life is beautiful, day. Every one should smile at that, I think.


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