Face lift

It didn’t take as long as I had expected it to, to pick a new theme for my blog. There are more changes I want to make but I like the crisp clean look of the lighter blogs I’ve read. But this is boring reading so for my first entry with the new face, I’d like to write about- oh writing and reading.

The more I read through the pages of Zizkov, the more I am convinced that first person is the way to go. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. It all comes down to the distance of the protagonist, Annabelle, in the story. For this particular story, and this particular telling there is no way of getting close to the character Annabelle in the third person, besides it’s her perspective. I still haven’t made any changes yet as I want to finish reading it first (I’m about halfway through) but my decision has been made. I feel like I need to lock myself in my writing room for a couple of days, when I start changing the pov, and just write for two days straight, in order to keep the flow.  

This post is short but I’m tired and can’t get my mind straight on my thoughts, but I have had somethings, I’ve wanted to write about in regard to writing and being a writer, or should I say me being a writer, since I have no idea what it is like for other writers. For now, I leave with my new face and brief book update.


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