More Changes

As the title implies, I have made a few more changes. I had another blog, but I rarely posted on it. I was using the blog to post reviews, but I lost interest, and if I loose interest I doubt an audience can remain interested. I was going to delete it but I thought I would try another experiment. I deleted any of the reviews I found to be dull then I moved and re-edited my favorites over to pages on this blog. Self gratifying really, but I did enjoy writing those particular posts. I then changed the direction of the blog. The new title is, Really Bad Poetry. My goal is to post at least one new poem once a week coupled with some random picture. Expectations should be low, as well, the title isn’t Really Good poetry. I also added another blog called My Short Story Workshop. That’s exactly what it is, a workshop. I’ve made my first post on a story that has already been completed as a first attempt at how this will work, but my idea is that I start from the very beginning, meaning the idea behind the story and then each post after is devoted to writing and re-writing the piece till it is completed, then I move onto the next story. I’m hoping people will be willing to give feedback and critiques on the pieces, I’m not sure what to do with the stories once completed but as far as the blog is concerned I don’t think it matters. My goal with My Short Story Workshop is to post on the short story at least once a week and build up to every other day.

3 blogs, that’s a lot to manage for me, but I’ll give it my best. The ultimate goal in this is to be constantly writing. Right now, I barely work (which is frightening to my daily survival) but allows me a lot of time in between job searching to get some writing done (which is my real work anyway). Better writing and motivating myself then moping about the economy and my lack of income.


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