Progress is slow and steady

I have 54 pages left to read from Zizkov, before I sit down for the POV re-write.

I sound like I’m going to be in some monster truck rally. GET REEEEADY FOR THE POV RE-WRITE- IT”S PURE MAYHEM! MONSTER RE-WRITE MADNESS. God. Anyway, before I loose track on this post, where was I? Yes, 54 pages of Zizkov left to read and then draft number 4, I think. I’m pretty excited to write the new perspective. I mean, I’ve only mentioned it in three different blog posts. Right now as I read it and imagine the new perspective the words hilarious genius keep coming to mind.

I’ve been so good lately at dedicating my time to writing. I’ve worked on the other 2 blogs and everyday I read some of Zizkov. This doesn’t mean my mind has stopped arguing with me and saying things like, “I don’t feel like writing,” or “but I’ve been sitting all day, i don’t want to write.” I do a little yoga first to bring my energy back so I can sit my butt in a chair-again. I do think I want to just do the 2 day thing with the re-write. Its all about keeping the flow. Oh what a crazy weekend I’m going to have, all written an’shit. I know I want to be a writer, but sometimes I think my life may be just a tad boring. Ah, well. I don’t care, it will go up again. Its always up and down up and down.

Couple of other things. I checked out LUV YA‘s latest post as I haven’t visited her in some time. She posted the first chapter of a line by line contest. I think she blogged on some earlier pages before I started reading her about the contest, but it sounds like it was fun. You can check out her first chapter on her blog. Bria does a weekly publishing round up  which links to many other people in the writing world. Two of my favorite so far are Nathan Bransford and Janet Reid. I especially like the way Nathan comes across in his posts. One thing that gets me is how much these people read. Not just queries and books, but blogs and articles and journals, essays, my god. I get so overwhelmed when I think of the other side of the coin. I don’t really want to do it, but I want to be published so I have to do it right? E-gads, this is the stuff that made me leave theatre, I suck at the audition. Nathan and Janet are good sources in the sense that they really seem to want to help writers. (I think I forgot to mention that they are agents.) I haven’t been in the “business’ so I don’t know what’s good or bad or what people are being so negative or positive about, and I’m not sure if I ever will, but those two seem to know what they are talking about, and like I said, they have the kind of voices that seem genuine, and that they really do care about writing as a craft, and the writers as artist, craftspeople or however you want to compliment.

I’m going to leave you with a line I like from the latest book I’ve been reading. Bohumil Hrabal‘s, I Served The King of England.

I was always lucky in my bad luck.


2 thoughts on “Progress is slow and steady

  1. I completely understand your POV fights. I’ve not had that one specifically, but I have struggled with tense in my memoir. Past or present? It’s ‘in edit’ right now and I’m in a past tense. I’m hoping it sticks, but I wonder whether present might be more effective. It’d be so cool if we could talk about writing. By the way, I dig Nathan’s blog, too. I stopped reading agents’ blogs months ago, though their posts are piling up in my RSS reader. It can be overwhelming. I figured I’d revisit them when the time comes to do the business side of it. Keep truckin’. (I’m up editing myself now, by the way. Fun isn’t it?)

    • I decided I wasn’t going to make any POV changes until I did an entire read through. I would read it out loud but change the POV to see how it sounded and it confirmed my feelings that first person is the way the story needs to be told. I’ve read a few memoirs but I can’t recall, what tense they chose to write it in. Not that you would base your decision on other memoirs, but you know how sometimes it helps to see what others have done. I’m SO up for keeping an open dialogue about on writing. Right now you are my best resource, fellow writer, and extra special long time friend. Plus how cool is it that we can share our work and still live half way across the world from one another?

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