Bringing more to life

I finished Zizkov’s read through. Its time to start the re-write. I’m excited. I think it will be the change that will bring Annabelle’s character more to life. I’m glad I read it all first before making any changes because it gave me a better road map, and ideas of other changes that need to take place in order to further develop the novel.

I started looking for more grant opportunities for individual writers. AROHO will be announcing their grant winner in 3 days. I’m hoping, but I don’t have high hopes as I think there may be other writers that have better credentials. I think its just a part of being a new writer, you have to prove you are serious. I keep feeling that my inability to find work, just HAS to be a sign that I am supposed to be a writer. Positive reinforcement, right? Thing is I do have three part time jobs, its just that most of the time no one has any work for me. My life is a bit nail biting, really writing is the only thing that is holding me together mentally, and lowering my anxiety. I keep thinking I need to start my own business, like a community education center, geared around writing or a lit mag. I’ll call it Starving Artist- since I actually am one. Pretty cliché title, but you know, the truth can be a bit of a cliché at times.

I finished I Served the King of England. I really enjoyed reading it. I’m posting a part from the book a part that evokes a bit of what I have been feeling lately. I think Bohumil’s character, Ditie expresses it so well. Following my current trend of reading Czech writers I’m starting Bringing up Girls in Bohemia by Michal Viewegh.

-and then out loud, as I had done, asking yourself questions, inquiring of yourself, interrogating yourself, wanting to know the most secret things about yourself, accusing yourself as if you were a public prosecuter and then defending yourself, and so arriving, in this back and forth way, at the meanning of your life. Not the meaning of what used to be or what happened a long time ago, but discovering the kind of road you’d opened up and had yet to open up, and whether there was still time to attain the serenity that would secure you againt the desire to escape from your own solitude, from the most important questions that you should ask yourself.

… because a black elder has more power in it than a lever, than a hydraulic lift or press.

I should mention the translation I read: Paul Wilson.


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