Every draft feels like the first

I’ve started changing the POV. I’ve gone through two chapters so far and what  I’ve realized is I’ve so, so, soso, much more work to do. I don’t know where in my head I got it that I would just be changing pronouns and tenses. Nope, the voice is changing. I think I’m going to go through this thing, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence. I’m only telling you that. I’m keeping it a secret from myself, because if I were to know how much more work I have, I might freak and think that I’ll never get it done. I can believe that some authors have gone through 50 drafts on one book. I think this is me going on my fourth, and this is just me on my own, wait till I have feedback! 

Anyway, to keep this all a secret from myself, I’m just doing it by itty baby steps. Today a couple of chapters just changing the pronouns, tomorrow a couple more chapters till suddenly it’s all done then… well i’ll write about it when then happens.

I have my workshop tomorrow. The kids are getting ready to send their stuff into submissions. We have three workshops left. They have this workshop and the next to get their submissions in which makes me wonder how many will show up to the final work shop. I wonder how many will show up tomorrow, since they were on spring break. Its always an adventure.

I’ve been watching youtube clips on writers about writing, I’m not sure what prompted me to start but I’ll leave you with this one from Ray Bradbury:


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