The best laid plans

I still do a prep for the workshops, but I don’t expect to follow that plan. I guess it’s nice to be prepared for the moment that things might actually run smooth.

I couldn’t get into the room because there was a teacher’s meeting so the workshop didn’t start till 20 after. Meanwhile, in the hall there was some altercation between a student and a teacher. I guess the policy at this school is that if you get in trouble they don’t let you back in. The doors are always locked and the security guys, (just regular guys who are pretty big) let you in. It wasn’t a big deal just a tantrum. The girl’s friend was standing on the inside looking out at her and this boy walks through the doors. He say’s ‘what’s her problem?” The friend says, “I can’t talk about it. I aint talkin about it,” and she walks away. The boy says, to himself but out loud so myself and the guards can hear, “shiiiit, I’ll found out. I’m gonna learn me something.” I started laughing. The guards started laughing. One of them say’s, “he’s got a school here full of anything to learn and all he wants it too get educated on why one girl is angry.” Everything seems so dramatic, and then suddenly it seems so funny because its just too dramatic.

This is all coming from fly’s perspective of course.

We didn’t do anything I had planned, but as i said I’m used to that. We went over submission guidelines, and then a couple of the kids read stuff they were thinking of submitting. The core group, which is about 5, that always comes, have gotten very comfortable reading to each other and just talking in general. Its nice there is a nice easy feeling to the group. We did a prompt freewrite and K. said, she sometimes has a hard time writing what I ask. That was when I said to them, that all I bring to the group is an idea for you to bounce off in your mind, but if you have something else to say, say it, write whatever you want. So I asked, “If I just say, lets write for ten minutes and I don’t give you a prompt do you all have something in your head that you want to write about?” They all said yes, and so I said, “ok, ten minutes lets just start writing.”

It was the best write so far.

I have about 122 pages left to go through in Zizkov of changing the pronouns and some tenses. I’m just sticking to making these simple changes before I really dive into the good stuff. My writing has increased to the point that I write everyday for at least 20 mins. I’d like to do more but it’s hard to get the time in sometimes. If I know I’m not going to be able to write I do at least 20 pages of pronoun changing in Zizkov.

The sun finally came out today, so its especially hard to write. In fact I think after this post I shall be heading into the cool sunshine.


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