Music as the Muse-workshop and POV

I’m curious to see how the workshop goes tomorrow. My plan is to use music as inspiration for writing. This can be a hit or it can flop. I remember it being suggested in other writing classes and I do tend to listen to music as I’m writing but I don’t often start writing because of music. I had one professor in college bring music for inspiration, and it did nothing for me. I wasn’t able to get anything out of it, yet here I am about ready to try the same thing on my kids.

I haven’t picked out the music yet but the most important criteria is not to pick music with lyrics. Like I said, it may soar it may sink but only one way to find out.

In book news, I’m having fun with the new POV in my story. When I can get my ass to sit down and actually write that is, you’d think I was being forced to eat brussel sprouts the way I act at the computer. Man, I’ll look at everything on the web before I actually write.

Here is a sample of the first paragraph in third person and then in first.

She was two weeks late, but as a true traveler knows time is not your enemy and there will always be another train. Annabelle didn’t consider herself a true traveler she considered herself to be an average person, sometimes below average depending on the mood of the day, who happened to be traveling. She didn’t know where to stop. She hadn’t met her full potential. She was a firm believer in, wherever you go there you are, and this bothered her. She kept hoping that the next stop might change her and then it would be, wherever you go there you are and you’re great. As it was, she was turning into the perpetual stranger in a strange place.

Scrawled on the surface of my notebook was the name “Feste’s.” It was a bar in Prague that Marco was known to hang out in, at least that was what I was told. It was my only clue to finding him, and finding him was my only plan of action.


Obviously, I made a lot more than just some POV changes.


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