Writing, procrastination and a workshop update.

I am incredibly impressed with my ability to procrastinate when it comes to writing. I sat down about oh, lets see… 3 hours ago I think and I got two sentences into my book, when suddenly I needed to e-mail a friend of mine who is living in Prague right now to double check on accuracy. Okay, okay, yes, yes that is valid, I’ll give myself that, I am after all on the fourth draft, I need to start looking at those things, but facebook, yahoo, and some random looking at crap and 3 hours later I haven’t gotten past that initial sentence? COME ON!

Of, course now, I’m like, “god, I’m tired of being in front of the computer,” but I still have enough procarstination time to write this blog. Well, forget that! My punishment, damn it I’m staying in this chair and getting past that F’n sentence! Sabatoge I say!

A brief update on the workshop: I can’t really say if the music as inspiration worked, since out of my original 13 kids only one showed up for the first 20 mins and then another one came, then a third came in the final hour. (The music really needs to be done with a group.) The school has officially forgotten I am still giving the workshops. T comes all the time which is great, since he is a “homie gangsta” and probably the stereotypically least expected one to show. Stereotypes are trite though aren’t they? I’m never disappointed in the kids, its the school, I mean,’m not really, its more frustrating, because well… I’m here hello, volunteer, my own time, hello? Please don’t forget us. I know, they are so overwhelmed and busy there I’m sure, but still its hard for me especially since I ended up loosing paid job opportunities (nobodies fault really, no one knew that would happen) because of this and I’m on my longest unemployment run–EVER! I see both sides really I do and if I wasn’t worried about rent, food, basic living stuff , it wouldn’t bother me as much that the school forgets about me and the workshops but you know… I’m just whining.



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