Final workshop

Its almost 9 a.m., and I feel like I should catch up on this blog but I’m not feeling it. If the tone is ho-hum that is because it is a ho-hum post.


Still unemployed, still writing, but loosing momentum. God, I don’t have anything positive to say and I really am not enjoying even typing these few dull words- so I’ll make it brief as possible.

The workshop is over, I had a good final lesson with an exercise I created and which I called the modified exquisite corpse. If you don’t know what the exquisite corpse is you should look it up and no I’m not linking anything to this post because I lack the energy and the interest.

I chose different colored paper and at the top of each page I wrote a genre; horror, love story, children’s story, war story, you get the picture. Then for each genre I wrote a first sentence, mainly to help the students get the tone of a genre then I passed the papers out. Each student was to write a few sentences of a paragraph and then pass the story onto the next person. Unlike in a exquisite corpse you didn’t need to fold the paper and hide the previous line,instead you read what the person before you wrote and then built upon the story.

I was impressed with the results. They were requesting the stories they wanted to start with and laughing as they passed a story along and starting their own discussions. I had told them at one point that what they were doing was exactly how professional writers for movies and sitcoms work-shopped their stories or episodes. ( In truth I don’t know if that’s true but I think that they worked that way on Arrested Development). Once the stories made one round then the person who started the story finished it and then read it to the group. Then they said bye and that was that.


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