Falling behind on posts

Sometimes, I will have an idea for a post then I will scrawl it all out on paper in a notebook, and there it will remain for days, weeks even. So my post that I wanted to post will have to be posted later, but since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted I’ve decided to post in order to update the post. I read somewhere that you never want to use the same word too many times in one paragraph, hmmm…

Writing has fallen behind for a bit as I have become involved in auditioning, and then, yeah, getting cast in a show! The show is very important, and I will be devoting the majority of my creative energy for the next three months to it, but I have to, in fact it is a must, stay on top of Zizkov.

I have started juggling a lot of writing balls, and I’ve tossed a lot of them into the air, if I don’t catch them soon they may fall. That includes my blogs, and keeping up with short stories, Zizkov and other writing projects.

My journey has taken another unexpected path but its still in the same direction so I need to keep writing.


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