double rehearsals

The show opens in 8 days. Unbelievable, truly, ugh, okay… I can do it I can do it. It is just so fast I’m in awe. I think I could perform if we went on tomorrow, I don’t think it would be the best it could be but I would give it my best, so each day of rehearsals is so important to use. I have a physical role including backbends and some lifts- I haven’t been very active up to this point and my body screamed at me this morning when I woke up. In order to try and kick my body into shape Mary (my scene partner) and I are doing morning rehearsals on top of doing our evening rehearsals. This in between working and my feeble attempts to work on my book has me tired. A case of biting off too much? I don’t think so, I’m replacing someone who dropped out of the show so I was coming in late, this was expected for me and I’m up too the challenge, I just underestimated how much my body would protests to the movements. I am adapting rapidly and trying to not freak out with the knowledge that we go into tech next week but this is what its like to be working as an actor. Hmmm that’s such a nice thing to say.

On the writing front, I got a lot of work done on the novel this weekend and I really hope to get some more writing in this coming weekend. I’ve had the urge to write but have had to force myself not too since I don’t think I can make it through these rehearsal days with out proper sleep.

The kids from my workshop had their reading last week, I unfortunately did not get to go and I wish that I could have seen them read, but I was told they represented well and one of the girls is going to be a featured writer. I know she is going to frikken die! Die! I’m so proud of them, I hope they are proud of themselves.


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