Opening Night, just Around the Corner-

Woooohooa! The show opens in six days. Wow. I just got cast. I can not believe we are about to open. Anyway… We have two more rehearsals before going into tech week and Thursday we open. For me it will be hell week. I got a job through the temp agency which is great because I so desperetely need the money, but couldn’t I have gotten a week long assignment – say- this week or last week or any other week of the month? Hell, I’d have taken a two month assignment, but NO. It has to be tech week. So, I will be working an eight to five shift jumping on a bus that will take me an hour to get to the theatre, and then change, and perform; no break at all. Opening night. Ah well, so is the life of the struggling artists, eh?

When I get home from rehearsing I am usually really pumped up. I have so much energy, I can be exhausted, but I have a lot of movement in my pieces, and the show is pretty high energy, acting in general is high energy, but when I get home, I just can’t sleep. It was the same when I waited tables, too much energy, but generally I ended up hanging out drinking with my co-workers versus going home and doing something to wind down. It’s nice that I am in this creative environment because I find when I get home I just want to write.  I got an e-mail from my self saying: “ALARM – you must have Zizkov fourth draft completed by the 20th of June”. I had totally forgotten I had set that up with my i-cal (I am not a computer person and I tend to forget the wonders of modern technology and am often surprised that I have actually used its tools) I thought who the hell sent me this? Is this a scam? So at night after rehearsing I get onto the computer and work on the novel.

My book is 299 pages but this doesn’t really mean much to me in the context of how it would look formated into a book. I just started reading John Updike’s, The Witches of Eastwick, and I glanced at the last page (I didn’t read it don’t worry) and it is 343 pages. I held the book in my hand for a minute, thinking about the size of the print, and it’s weight, and shape, and suddenly I was able to visualize my pages in a book form, and I thought, holy shit, I wrote a novel, I mean its long, I can’t believe I wrote that, and that I am working on it. Wow.



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