Pushing through the week

It’s been a tough week, energy wise.

The show was crazy with rehearsals; every day we rehearsed, and then this Thursday we opened. I was also working a temp assignment all week, which yes I needed the money, so I had to take the job, but it sure doesn’t feel worth it when all the money goes to pay my bank. I’m in the serious cycle of poverty.  The bank always gets paid.  I’d like to not use banks at all anymore, I find the “convenience” is costly especially when you are broke and living hand to mouth. It’s beating a dead horse to say that our economic system is designed to keep the poor poor and the rich rich. That’s all I’ll bitch about it, I already cried about it, and waisted energy that is better spent on my creative pursuits.

My work days this week went from 5:30 am to 11:00pm, with my only breaks being bus time and a lunch break. This includes the temp job and then going straight to the theatre. (And, anyone who doesn’t think doing theatre is work has never worked in theater. ) This left me no time to write or update my blogs, which is unfortunate but the older I get the less I can sustain with out sleep. The worst part was I got the creative muse so many times this week, and wanted to do some writing, which I did in journals and loose paper here and there, but not the nitty gritty writing.

But now, the job has ended, and the play has opened, and the bank is still stealing my hard, minuscule, earned cash, but the world keeps turning, and I feel like the horizon has a sun rise in my future. I’m on a mission to live my symbolic life, and the banks and the money gods will be there to block me the whole way; the maya, but I will push through to the end because this is my one wild and precious life.

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?


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