Portland to Winnipeg

Four women, one RV, and a ton of props.

It took us 2 days to get from Portland to Winnipeg, and the weather was wonderful the entire trip.

We went up through Washington stopping for dinner at some trendy restaurant in Spokane, and drove on to Idaho, each of us taking turns at the wheel. In Coure D’ laine we took exit 0 to a deserted ski lodge, and there we parked under billions of stars, a black sky, and the most amazing moonrise I have ever seen. It melted up, over the dark silhouette of the sharp mountain peaks, it moved quickly, and reminded me of how fast our planet really does spin. I slept through most of Idaho, we went through the narrow tip, but my god Montana is big. The sky curves like a fishbowl and the clouds were like striations across as if someone had pulled bits of wool. And the sunsets? Oh my god, deep magenta and burgundy sunsets wrapping around mountains. The geology was intense and dramatic, and the air was hot. The biggest surprise was North Dakota. I don’t know why I thought it was going to be nothing but dry and flat but it was anything but… we had just crossed the state-line (after trying to stop unsuccessfully at a muddy truck stop) and pulled into a construction site, where a new road was being built, and we parked for the night. I remember it being cool as I fell asleep, the temperature of Montana dropping, in the morning there was a thin fog that hung low over emerald green fields and bush and it felt like we were waking up in England. That was NorthDakota; green, green, and lush everywhere, just expansive land and very few house on the land. There were small wetlands, with sparkling ponds and starks white cranes flying over these leafless tress that looked like crooked silver fingers reaching out of the water. We had breakfast at a diner- not very good, but not too surprised and then drove the rest of the way to Winnipeg.

Winnipeg, from first impression,  isn’t the prettiest city. It reminded me of parts of the Bay Area, like Fremont and Newark. Just boring square stores set up like a monopoly board. As we drove more into the center the architecture improved. We only got in late last night and this woman and her children are gracious to set us up during the festival, and we still have days to explore. One thing I can say: the roads suck in this city, potholes everywhere. It must be a bitch to ride your bike. My understanding is that the winters are long and brutal and the roads certainly show the damage.

We don’t have tech till the 15th and our first show is the 17th so we have some days to promote. I forgot to mention our stop at the boarder, not too bad, about 45 mins, but we had this laundry bag and all we had in it so far was out dirty underwear and I watched, snickering, as the man dug through 2 days of 4 women’s pairs of dirty panties. That was about as exciting as it got.

And now to prepare for the shows…


2 thoughts on “Portland to Winnipeg

  1. Megan

    I LOVE that you drove! You drove! A big RV! Wow. 🙂 Your descriptions of the big sky country are just amazing, I can feel the air on my skin, and it feels good.

    Break a leg!

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