Sexiest Show at the Fringe

That’s what the review said, “The sexiest show at the Fringe.”

We sighed a huge sigh of relief. Do reviews matter? Yes and no. Screw those guys right? But, when you are trying to make a little money, and get the people in, and you are proud of your hard work then a bad review can bite. Hard.

Inviting Desire is a tough play to do. It is graphic in its language it talks about sexuality, and we are all very frank about sexuality- some people do not like this. Really, I don’t care much about the opinion of subject matter, I almost enjoy the idea of people hating it because they are bothered or uncomfortable, but I don’t enjoy them hating it if the show is weak in performance. And, man oh man did I “f “up the opening night. There was one point when I did my own brand new made up blocking, and my brain screamed, “What the “f” are you doing?” And, my mind said, “uh, I don’t know, should I go back to the right blocking?” and brain said, “NO! No damn it then they’ll know we “f”‘d up. Make them think we are supposed to be doing this- do it with conviction! Then never do it again.”

So, of course I was worried about the review saying, the only blonde in the show was awful like she was in another play. That didn’t happen. No, they said this:

 The performances are all top notch, and the cast bravely commits themselves to the explicit material. They find humor, honesty, and sensuality, in each story.

You can read the rest here.


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