Winnipeg and the Fringe

I hate the mosquitoes here. Absolutely hate them. They make no sound, no warning, you just suddenly feel like you need to scratch your skin off. Bastards. And you know, they do have the West Nile here! Great a paranoid hypochondriac in a West Nile land- good combo.

I haven’t totally figured out what I think about Winnipeg. It has some really beautiful parts, but also there are some definite not so nice areas. Sirens go off like crazy. All the time there is a fire truck or an ambulance soaring down the road. I saw two cop cars, sirens blaring, going in opposite directions. Big night.

Mary (from the show) and I took a walk along the Red River, it was lush and green and beautiful (aside from the bastard mosquitoes). The river runs slow and is thick with sediment. Not as thick and muddy as the Mississippi, but it is on the brown side, not nasty, just brown. There are weeds that look like green wheat but they are so fluffy and soft they look like fox tails. They poof out and look surreal and cartoonish. I love to run my hands over them. On our walk we touch the trees and watch the river, just relaxing. Mary had said, if we had some eerie music, and this was a movie, this spot would be a scene when you know something is about to happen. As we walked away from the water, on a trail, I saw trousers and shirt laid out on the ground. As I got closer I thought about Mary’s comment about, “something is about to happen,” and I said to myself, “you mean like when we stumble upon a dead body.” It was just a bunch of clothing but the way they were laid out, like a person could be inside them, was kind of creepy. In fact the whole scene had a weird feel. So I ran. It’s my thing.

The shows have been great. It’s been about five days at the fringe and I’ve seen ten shows so far. I’ve been really impressed with the quality and it has been ages since I’ve seen this much theatre.

We got another four star review– it hasn’t helped us to fill the theatre though. We have so many seats, it’s just so hard to get it filled. What’s been interesting about all this is you can really see how a review can make or break a show. There are these two women, really great women, and their show, although not the best at the fringe, is certainly not bad and definitely not deserving of the one star it got. The poor women are playing to houses with only 5 people, because people will only go to five star or four star shows and the reviewing is really not that fair. Some of the reviews have been harsh and scathing- so unnecessary- but the damage is fast and furious. For us it doesn’t matter we have four stars and a 280 seat venue on a show about sex- frank graphic sexual fantasies- I would be shocked to hell if we filled that place, but damn the money would be nice.

There are three shows left for us to perfom, and four days left at this fringe and then it’s on to Calgary.

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