The End of a Year

I’m back from Canada. I’ve been back for about five days now. It’s been a challenging and heartbreaking five days.

I started this blog a year ago. I had so many things happening doors opening, or appearing to open and I started this blog to record that journey of a year, some of which was based around writing but also an underlying theme of what was going on in my heart. The year has ended and with it all the things that I had hoped for. I know it is not a bad thing for doors to close or to discover they were never opened in the first place, but with that I am calling it an end to this blog.

It was an interesting journey a string of moments that make up memories that all equal up to what I can label as my life, but this portion has come to a close and I feel that the need to try to reach out and connect has closed along with that. I’ll keep writing focusing on fiction, but the record keeping ends with this last word.

Thanks to my few followers- whoever you are.


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