Oh look a brand new blog

I was going to shut this thing down and start somewhere new, you know like on another weblog site, like erasing my past and building up a whole new one all pretty like a frosted cupcake. What an analogy huh? What is life but a series of events, moments, choices, endings, and beginnings all building up on top of each other. Why bury the past, why not just give it a new title, new look, and build on the layers? After all it’s just a blog, its not like it’s real life or anything.

I’m just gonna go hog wild with this thing, no purpose, no specifically adhearing to one idea or focus, I mean if there is one way to loose an audience it’s to stray from your themes. I’m surprised no one pays me for this?

Albert Einstein said, The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

Why bring up Einstein? Well I love the man, and I am just fascinated with this thing in our head that we call the brain. I had been going to a workshop on the neuroscience of being. I was so excited to tell a friend of mine all about this stuff, I never got the chance, but I thought I can’t waste this awe inspiring information- ALL IS NOT LOST!

The reason I was in this workshop is because I may start working as a writing coach with this organization call Playwrite. As I learn more I’ll tell you about the program, but it’s main focus is to work with marginalized youth by coaching them to write their own plays, which will be performed by local Portland actors and directed by the kids/playwrite. The brain workshop was to show us coaches exactly what the brain is doing as we work with these kids,  (some who suffer from PTS, other traumas and mental disabilities) and the ability our brain has to heal itself and the body. This is no longer the time of: you can never teach an old dog new tricks or a leopard never changes its spots, this is the time of: if you can picture it, you can do it, if you want to heal you can. I find it inspiring and it gets me through the hard moments.

You all probably know this already, but that’s why I have a blog so I feel like I’m posting something new:

The brain is not even fully developed until we are 25 years old.

We build a new brain stem cell once every 24 hours.

Meditation can build higher levels of complexity, and the point of integration which is in the center of our four head which people call the third can only be activated by meditation. Our stillness integrates all new thought through out the body.

Chronic stress literally eats your brain as does neglect.

I have more, but I need to find my notes. The brain offers us infinate possibilites that are only limited by ourselves. It is amazing we have this powerhouse of a plastic computer organ, and we seem to ignore it so much or not know how to use it. At least that is just how I feel about my own thought patterns from time to time or ruts of thinking.

Oh and Jon, about the fringe- I’ll finish it up on my next post.

Here’s some brain cells aren’t they beautiful? Like some weird prehistoric water creature from the Precambrian era.



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