About the New Blog Title

I still owe my friend Jon a final rundown of the fringe but this post isn’t for that just yet.

Speaking of reading if you haven’t checked out my blog posts from while I was in Edmonton you can check them out here. It has all the finer details of the experiences as they took place.

Things have been such a disappointing and heartbreaking mess since I’ve gotten back that I don’t think I have had the opportunity to really think about the experience, things I had seen and how it had all affected me. One thing that I did get right away was that I saw 64 shows while on tour and the title of my latest incarnation of this blog is from a show called Moving Along written and performed by Chris Craddock ( I think I had mentioned him in an earlier post). I saw a lot of amazing shows performed by talented actors and writers, but for where I am right now in my life (when thinking about a new title) Chris’s show just came back into my head over and over. Life is never going to stop moving forward regardless if it is the outcome you want or not, and there is no choice (if you really want to live, I mean really live) than to put one foot in front of the other, tears in your eyes, heart in your gut, and your blanket in the dirt, and keep moving forward, moving along. Chris’s show is actually quiet funny and delivered at break neck speed with awesome lighting that he controls himself (brilliant) he spits out a tale of embarrassing tragedy and without a beat or maybe the perfect beat he say’s “MOVING ALONG” then it’s the next, and you can’t help but laugh, and think. I often feel like my living movie is a tragicomedy where I sometimes, if not often, wonder if I am the lead, filled with sad events and punctuated with ridiculous laughter. I suppose that’s a good thing except for the minor character role in my own life film, Jeez, maybe I should see a head doctor about that? Moving Along-

I’m moving once again to a new place this too may be temporary as I am thinking of making the trek North to Seattle. If this move were to actually happen it wouldn’t be for a year I think. That would put me at ending my relationship in Portland at ten years. It’s weird to think of really leaving, although I have talk about it for years, but to truly contemplate it is almost scary; which is funny because there was a time when moving didn’t frighten me at all. I guess you get settled. You know the routine, the lay out, and the fear keeps you complacent, I mean, you know, you think, “it’s not a bad place” and so on or I think, “but what will I do in Seattle”? Even though I have lived there once before- The important thing though is not to be running away but to be Moving Along, of course, my friend said to me the other day, “what’s so wrong with running away? Why does everybody have to put it down so much? I think that sometimes running away can be a good thing.”

Yeah, I guess she could be right.

Um..yeah so Moving Along.


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