New Workshops

Next week I meet with Write Around Portland and New Avenues for Youth, to discuss a writing workshop centered around Portland Center Stage’s most recent production of Ragtime. We are thinking of having the workshop focusing on writing from perspective. The actual workshop will start the following week. I’ve worked with youth before but never homeless youth, but I have worked with kids in transition. I still get nervous every time.

As soon as that workshop ends then I start another workshop through Playwrite working up at Mt. Scott. The times seem more intensive than Write Around Portland, but there is a performance at the end of the workshop. Again, I am excited and nervous. I will be working with youth in yet again a new setting and working with a new workshop group and format.

As far as my personal work I still have been working on my short story that I am now calling Ishi. I try to record my progress on my short story workshop. I’ve been reading Bastard out of Carolina again, I picked it up to go over Dorothy Allison’s writing style but got caught up in the book again. It’s a tough read because of the subject matter, but she is a wonderful writer and an inspiring writer. I finally got the later part of my novel off google docs- sheese will I ever finish Zizkov? Only God knows at this point because I sure as hell don’t seem to be doing much with it any more.

I’m posting this video because when I was a kid I don’t think I thought there was anything better than the Muppets. I still don’t. And, seriously, how did she not laugh with the frogs? I giggle every time they ribbit. Seriously.


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