The Workshops are beginning

Today is the first day of the workshop with Write Around Portland, New Avenues for Youth, Outside In, and Portland Center stage.

I have run 3 workshops, and covered another for a day, but for some reason the Write staff seems to feel I have had more experience. I am okay with facilitating, still I’m a bit nervous because you never know if people will like you or respond, but this workshop is different in a couple of ways. One, it is only 3 days, and it is all centered around the play Ragtime (which is awesome!) but also the coordinators for Outside In, Portland Center Stage and New Avenues for Youth will be sitting in and participating in the workshop which adds to my nervousness. All the bosses watching me. I feel like just a kid myself, eek.

Last night I “rehearsed”. I wrote all I would say and pretended I was facilitating. It never goes like it does when I’m in my room, but It helps me to feel more prepared. This workshop is more theme oriented than any I have done in the past. Since Ragtime is a politically, socially driven, show that highlights injustices of a certain time period, these themes will carry into the workshop.

After my basic introduction our first writing exercise will be about imagining your life as a performance. What would your performance be, would there be music, what kind of music, would there be a stage, would you do a street performance? Then they are to write on that for about 10 mins. This is just the ice breaker.

Then we look at photos and write from the perspective of a person or thing in the photo, writing for fifteen minutes. We will build from there creating “a want” for something and “an obstacle” in the effort to play around with the idea of conflict.

Lastly, we will write on the subject of empathy, imagining a time when you were able to empathize with a person or a thing.

Perspective and empathy are the main focus today. One thing about write Around is that you don’t have to stick to what the facilitator suggests so it can just be you journaling if you want, the only real rule is to keep writing.

What makes me a little nervous on top of all the pressure of all these people watching me and expecting something- is that I made up the agenda and created most of the ideas for this workshop. It can easily go well since I get so worked up about the subject of writing and theatre, but like I said you never know if people will really like you. Also, I always worry about keeping time.

I’ll see how it goes. Tomorrow we all go to the play together and then stay after for Q&A with the actors. I think I will also take off from work tomorrow at the gift store so I can do a little writing of my own, since my own writing time is always sacrificed, but really that’s my own fault for sleeping.


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