A little Soapbox

Yesterday’s workshop was nothing but fun. The kids are awesome, and really engaged.

On to other things:

I should post this on my poetry blog (I haven’t posted anything there in awhile) but I’m posting it here. This is a great poem. It isn’t just the poem itself but the tension in his voice and the rise of the energy. It’s a poem it’s a performance. Each time I hear it, it brings a fierce burn of tears to my eyes and I can feel the pain and the fight in my chest. Although I don’t relate verbatim to the words since I have a different experience of youth, different color of skin, and had a different absence of parents, I can still relate to the message and the fight and the power. We are not our parents’ choices- we are not even history’s choices- its important and necessary to be reminded that we are unique individuals with our own choices, no matter our ages.


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