The Richness of Human Capacity

The playwrite workshop has ended, but that is not what this post is about except to say that I think my writer came up with a great play and I am excited and proud to watch it performed on Tuesday. Plus, she was so thrilled to have done the work and she worked really hard and it was nice to see someone feel pride in something they created. I really enjoyed meeting her and working with her and I hope her the best in her life and future.

Compared to most of my long-winded posts, this one will be short. I have posted this lecture by Ken Robinson on Why schools kill creativity. This is a subject dear to my heart and I think it is delivered well and in an entertaining manner. I am an avid fan of TED and I watch a new lecture every night. I would probably post them all, but right now since I work somewhat in education and because I think knowledge is the true power, and that creativity is a major part of knowledge, plus it is close to my heart as I am a creative and I found “traditional education” difficult and demeaning (at times), I decided to post this one. It is 19:21 so find yourself 20 mins and enjoy.


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