Yeah up and running!

The computer gods smiled at me and brought my computer back to life. After taking it apart and drying it out than putting it back together again it turned on as if it had just taken a week-long bath. Sweet thing. So I’m back- ha ha!

I didn’t do any writing last week, as I was too busy moping, which is ridiculous since I can use a pen and paper, but feeling sorry for yourself you know… it’s so productive. Anyway, I do need to get my ass back into the writing gear as two important things are coming up. One is the Glimmertrain new fiction writer’s contest and the second is the much coveted A Room of Her Own, contest/grant. Glimmertrain means I need to make sure I feel that my short story is as polished and perfect as I can see and AROHO means pulling out the neglected novel and getting back to work.

In Playwrite news, last week the kids watched their plays performed by actors at the Theatre! Theater!. The room was packed with highschool kids, a smattering of adults and a friend of mine from work. What I didn’t know was that I was also signed up to act. So when I got there I was informed that I would be playing the part of a Hot pink and black high top converse. Can it ever be better than that? In all of my internal conflict with the program I also really enjoy working with the kids, so I have no idea where I am going to go with this but I will be heading into more training this evening.

In more theatre news: Inviting Desire will be doing another very short run later this month to introduce a new theatre aphrodisiactic writing and theatre workshop to create a new group of monologues for Eleanor O’Brien’s project. I will be returning to my roles again. Which should be fun.

Lastly, I got two checks in the mail, one for the tour I did in Canada and the other for working Playwrite. It is amazing but this month art is paying my rent. I made money acting, teaching and writing. In fact the past three months much of my income has come from art. I can not express how gratifying it is to say that I am finally supplementing a portion of my living income with art. I want more and more of this in my future. It is a positive reinforcement that I am moving in the right direction and that my work is valuable enough to be rewarded with a living income, even though it is hard and I have NO IDea how I am going to deal with my taxes this year. God.


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