A completed short story and some movie making

Yesterday, I helped my friend, Emily, out by being an extra on a webshow, webmovie? I’m not sure how it is categorized. The deal was, I be an extra, and her and I go have dinner. She bailed on me using sickness as an excuse! Whatever Emily- you owe me. I forgot how boring doing extra work can be. It’s no offence to the actor’s and crew, but man you just sit around and wait forever. I’ve done it a couple of times before and it has always been boring. Some people love it though. It does have interesting parts, but over all you sit, you wait. Emily told me that, I knew, but I still forgot.

I finished my short story, and I will submit it tomorrow. Why not right now? I just want to get off the computer after posting this post because I’m tired of sitting behind it. I printed out the Inviting Desire Script, and I’m happy to say I remember most of the lines. Thank god, I worried that after three months without touching the play that I may have forgotten. I guess that’s it for project news. I thought there was something else but I can’t think of it. I will be focusing on some reading for the next week or two before getting into a new story, or, maybe, just maybe, I will look at that damn novel I put down four months ago.



One thought on “A completed short story and some movie making

  1. Oh dear, I am late on this post indeed. What if I said I have been sick the whole time? Ha! But I was out for three days after that shooting day.

    (It’s a web series, for whatever that is worth. And will soon soon soon be done shooting.)

    To make it up to you, let me know if you’d rather go out for a dinner on me or be cooked a dinner by me, and your wish will be granted on Sunday.

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