If I won- What I would do with all that money-

I sent in my short story to the Glimmertrain New Writers fiction contest. If I were to  win the grand prize is $1,200.00. After I clicked the submit button, and sat for a moment my mind went straight into fantasy mode, and of course I won, and I even had an acceptance speech, then I started thinking about the money and what practical things I would do with it, and so on, but than I had this thought, I should look at writing like investing into my own personal business. If I make money writing, I put the money back into writing (this is hard to do of course when you never have money to pay rent, but this is fantasy land here). So, if I did win first place and get published and get money, I would buy a round trip ticket to Prague. Prague? How is that investing? How is that putting money back into writing? Well, my fine friends, let me elaborate. Of course, I just want to go and see a couple of my friends that are living there, and travel, and all that, but my novel takes place in Prague and the main character is based off of a real friend of mine who just happens to still be living in Prague. It has been ten years since I have lived there or seen my friend. Ten years. I kept up a very good journal while I was there, but after so much time has passed it would be nice to go back and to make sure I captured the feel of the place, and the person who was the inspiration for the story. I think it makes sense. I think it would be an investment. So, if I were to win and get published, I would go to Prague. I would do research and I would say hello to an old and wonderful friend- plus look up an poet friend of mine. How frickin Bohemian would that be?


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