Working on characters

I’ve looked all over for some magic answer on how to write right- sound’s strange, and it is because its as if I have been looking for some magic answer to making this “writing a novel” bit make sense- some promise that I will be published once I complete the thing. What I have discovered is that, really, this searching has been a clever way that my mind has devised for procrastinating. In the process, I also discovered that no one will be able to tell you how to write. At the same time, I did look around for some nice questions to ask my characters. I needed a little help in the characterization category. I had the basics, but I needed some of the deeper questions. I have written this 300 page book- twice now: once in third person, and now in First. First works better. I did much of the character research before I started writing, but I decided to go back through it because I am looking for something- I can’t tell you what it is, just yet, because I’m not sure of the question, but I know it is in the relationships.

This is the real second draft.

There are about 70 characters in this book. That’s a lot. Some may say too many. I haven’t decided yet. Two of them are major, two are secondary, four are minor, two are second minor, and the rest are exterior or exposition- they have small but important jobs. Still, 70 profiles are a lot. I don’t need to do 70 detailed profiles, but at least seven not including the two major ones. Why so many? Well, it’s a transient setting people come in and out. Is this difficult to do? I think so. I think I have given myself a tough task to have so many characters in my first book ever written. Will it fail big- god I hope so because I’d be pissed after all of the hard work.


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