The End of A Long Week

It is nice, to just be able to sit quietly at the kitchen table and drink some tea, without any need to rush off anywhere, at least not until this evening.

I can not believe it is almost christmas. What happened to November and September? I’m not a big christmas person. I’m not a Scrooge or Grinch or humbugger, (are there more?) but I don’t get excited about it either. For me, it is just another day. Yet, I work in a gift store so… there you go. I can’t get away from christmas until I can find a new form of employment. I had told my friend the other night, “Once I become a famous author, I’m going to become a recluse.” She said, “That’s what you really want isn’t it?” Yep. Nothing extreme, just a nice mild mannered recluse that doesn’t shop. Ugh, I hate shopping. I’d say it was ironic working in a gift store, and making my money on people shopping while hating to shop, but it isn’t. When it comes to trying to survive nothing seems ironic, only necessary. Anyway… time where has it been going this past week? What has my time been up too?

Monday, I met with folks from New Avenues for Youth, Portland Center Stage and Write Around Portland. I will be leading another 3 day writing workshop surrounding the play Snow on Falling Cedars, and the issues of civil justice, racism and fear. I need to outline the lesson plan. It will be my second time doing a lesson (writing) plan. Which is exciting, but I also never know what the hell I am doing. Then later Monday night I went to rehearsal of Inviting Desire. We haven’t seen each other since the show ended in August. (another time freak out)

Tuesday, I started working on a new blog for my job, which is still not the type of writing I want to persue, but damn it is nice to get paid to write.

Wednesday was another meeting with Write Around Portland and the Sun school, prepping me for my 5 week workshop with middle school kids. This will be a writing workshop, but of a different structure than that for the three day. Again, we had another rehearsal night this time in the theatre. It was a pretty smooth tech. I was amazed that I remembered everything, but I guess after doing a show thirty something times, it sticks.

Thursday a work day.

Friday a workday and performance. We had a good night, which I will blog about tomorrow. I was happy to go to bed though.

We have a final performance tonight, and then it is all over for good. I’m glad. it was a good run, and a good experience, but I am ready to move onto other things. The thing I like the most about theatre, and art in general- is that it ends. It is never the same and it comes to an end and then something new starts. I really like that. I’m bad at long time repetition and routine. Set schedules and commitments to other’s demands and dreams do not settle well with me. I can’t even walk the same way to work everyday. I have too, need too break that all up. I really like endings. Which is a little strange but I do. Often my favorite part of a trip is departing and departing. I guess it may apply to other areas of my life as well.


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