The Inviting Desire show has Ended, and this post actually has pictures.

Now that the show, Inviting Desire is over, I feel I can start to look back on it as the adventure it was. Not even a year ago, when I was so broke I was getting ready to move because I could no longer afford the rent, I thought to myself, “Can’t I just get a job in theatre doing what I went to school for?” Then right after I checked craigslist and found a job for a PA for a new theatre company. I didn’t get the job, but about two months later Eleanor contacted me, told me about a part that needed to be filled and I auditioned. Mind you, I had not acted in about eight years, and a play about female sexual fantasies was not exactly what I had imagined when I was studying Ibsen.

A month later we did a two week performance in Portland, Oregon, and then in July, we packed into an RV and toured the Canadian fringe. I blogged about most of the trip while on the road, but I had never mentioned the final show. We had been booked in what was called the Laugh shop. It was a stand-up comedy stage not good for an ensemble cast of four with movement. We got terrible reviews in Edmonton (the other city reviews loved us) yet we still packed the house every night selling out most of our shows. Our last night was on a Saturday at noon, and we had to break down, and head out of town; personally I was ready to be done.

Three months later, back in Portland, and doing our separate things, Eleanor asked the cast back one last time to really have a final show. Eleanor had an erotic open mic at the Portland shows, this could turn out interesting or… well, this one guy and his girl brought in fire and wanted to burn each other for pleasure in front of the audience. Eleanor jumped up yelling, “You can not bring fire into a theatre!” So the theatre, thankfully, did not burn down, even so I was near the exit doors. It was good to perform two last times, and I will say I had my best performances those final nights. In the acting world I would say, I nailed it, but I am pleased, overjoyed, and delighted to be able to say adieu.

We traveled in Betty, the RV, our home where we sometimes entertained guests. This is in Winnipeg with John and Nancy, two of the many actors we met while touring. Johnny’s show Grimmer than Grimm moved on to Edmonton where we met up with him later but Nancy’s show, No Exit Upstage,  that she wrote and acted in, ended in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg had an Awards show called the Jenny’s. That night Inviting Desire won for sexiest show at the fringe. I’m sitting with John Hefner another actor who wrote his own show called the Hefner Monologues.

I loved Winnipeg. The city is split in half by the Red river, similar to Portland actually, and on one side of the river people all speak English on the other French. This photo was taken in French town after finishing a plate of poutine: pomme frites drenched in gravy and goat cheese.

Calgary’s fringe was small, just thirty shows compared to Winnipeg’s 135, but we still had a great time meeting actors, performing, and watching shows. Here Mary and I are with Sean Bowie who wrote and acted in Drunken Fucker; a show that just came and performed here in Portland.

Tanya’s favorite haunt (Besides a Vietnamese restaurant) in Calgary was a little bar called Swans. They couldn’t make mixed drinks to save your life so if ever visiting Swans (and I’m talking coke and whiskey mixed) stick to beer.

We are saying good-bye to Calgary before heading to our final stop Edmonton.

In Edmonton I had more time to meet and interact with some of the outdoor performers. Here is a guy named Piper and yes he is balancing on a skate board, on a box on a table on a trunk while juggling knives. To get down he would first drop the knives then ease off jumping with the skate board, and landing perfectly on his board.

These gals are from the Ariel Angles and as you can guess from the name they did tricks high in the air.

There were 150 acts going on in Edmonton, and we had to hustle to get people to come see our show. One of our bits was to go into the beer tents to sing, Storm Large’s song, My Vagina is 8 miles wide. I am so thrilled beyond expression that I never in my life have to sing that song again.
I’m certain I wrote about it in an earlier post but I loved Steel Wheels, a pizza place owed by a Korean family. The food was a mix of every thing, but we loved the KimChee soup and the dumplings. One night while there a Korean film crew came in and bought us Korean pizza and shots of soju to drink and eat in front of the camera while yelling, “We love soju.” That footage is somewhere in the internet world.

Some Shots from the show:

And the final bow-

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