Thy Fruits of Procrastination

I haven’t been writing. What a shocker. Blah! I feel zapped. Not Scott Baio Zapped, the bad zapped. My ability to write, and create has just vanished. I’m complacent, the worst thing for a writer, I think. Or maybe just me. I wonder how many times I’ve blogged about not writing. Hmm, I should go back and count, that would be something I can add to the procrastination list. I should try some reverse psychology on myself. I should intend to procrastinate, and then, perhaps, I would accidently stumble across my novel, and procrastinate my procrastination. I don’t know what my problem is, lack of motivation I guess. Still, at least, I’m getting to that Smithsonian project I’ve been wanting to do for years.

I know, sounds tremendous. It isn’t. I have stacks, and stacks of Smithsonian magazines. I haven’t read through them all. I have too much stuff. Must eradicate. Anyway, I can’t just throw them away, there are articles I want for research, ideas, and just general knowledge. So, I’ve started pulling out the articles that appeal or interest me, and putting them into a writing folder. It is not necessarily the most interesting blog post to read, but hell, I did come across some fascinating information.

  • The first copy machine was invented by Chester Carlson, in 1959. He came up with the idea in 1937. A copy machine maker may not seem like an interesting tale, especially for a machine that so many of us use, and don’t even think about until it doesn’t work, but Chester Carlson, who slept on dirt floors as a child in abject poverty, knew that his ticket to success was as an inventor. He became a very rich man, but he lived humbly, and gave away most of his money as a silent philanthropist. he supported organizations like the civil rights movements, giving millions to the United Negro foundation, Cal Tech, The Fellowship of Reconciliation, and so many more.
  • In WWII the U.S. military made an aircraft that looked like a flying pancake.
  • The ceremonious Olympic lighting of the torch began during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, hosted by Hitler’s, Germany.
  • William Tell (I felt a bit like an idiot and completely Americentric. I blame the U.S. media for my ignorance, and culturally centered views. It’s all about pointing fingers. I also blame Williams Burroughs for his tragic William Tell routine) I had no idea William Tell was not an American hero. Stupid I know. In fact, he belongs to the Swiss. His legend is central to the Swiss sense of national origin. All ignorance aside, the big secret is: shhh there is debate that the person known as William Tell, may never have existed at all, but don’t tell the Swiss.
  • They are making a Dracula Theme Park in Romania.*
  • An article on new technology, on the study of mummified remains, caught my eye. Not because of the amazing technological way they have of scanning the body for information, and therefore never causing damage by doing invasive autopsies, that is pretty cool, but more cool than that: they found a mummy from 18th century Philadelphia. Soon after the person was buried water had seeped into the casket, and through a natural process of what they called hydrolysis working on the body fat, the body turned to soap. Soap. You can still see his knee-high stockings.

Someday this will all pay off.

*Update- as far as I can tell the Dracula Theme park is on hold, perhaps even for good, but not completely dead. ( Like the legend)


4 thoughts on “Thy Fruits of Procrastination

    • Funny you should ask: According to the original investor brochure, (Smithsonian April 2003, Rudy Cheminski) the park was to have a torture chamber, alchemy laboratory, vampire den, initiation hall where young vampires can be dubbed knights. There was to be a workshop for teeth-sharpening, The international institute of Vampirology and a restaurant that would serve: blood pudding, brains, and jellied meat. (gross). I suggest a bat ride. It could be designed like a bat take you up a 100 feet than drop you. You of course stop safely at the bottom but after being splashed by pool of blood.

  1. For a person who’s procrastinating on their writing, there’s a whole lot of words in that post, and all of it good reading.

    So what’s up with that unfinished novel? Maybe you need to find away to get back at it or just allow yourself to let it go?

    Anyway, I like your writing style.

    • That’s just what my friends keep telling me, get back to it or let it go. I’m getting back to it. Thanks Rachel.

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