Just a blurbed update

Just a brief check in.

I had my final workshop with New Avenues for Youth, today. It was a really good workshop considering that I only had three youth this time and considering two of them didn’t seem like they wanted to be there. In fact there was some laughter involved. That was big. Anyway, I will share some of the exercises I came up with as I know every once in awhile I get someone traveling past my blog that has an interest in such things. And I have it logged- FOREVER or until I erase my entire blog. Next week I will work with middle school children which will be a huge shift from working with homeless youth. It should be educational for me since I have never worked with kids as young as twelve or thirteen before, and it will be two times a week versus once a week, for six weeks.

I’m a little tired this evening so I’m just going to post a couple of pulp fiction covers that I “borrowed?” from this site. I posted a couple of others on my other blog.

Covers like this make me happy

Love IT!

When my book is published I want this to be my book cover even though it is not about strippers. As long as it says, ” until the corpse chilled the show.” That would make me happy.


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