Some Ho-Humming Stuff

My writing workshop with my middle school kids has ended. This is my first Tuesday in about six weeks that I don’t pack up a bunch of writing tools and snacks and trudge over to the NE for what had been my favorite hour in my day. Now I finish this post and return to the drudgery of working for other people. Money will be nice though. I don’t get paid for the workshops so it’s a challenging time, but it’s worth it. A few of my kids hugged me good-bye, and a couple wrote me notes saying I was the best teacher ever. One said I was the writing around the world teacher. Pretty great accolades for not being a real teacher. I just finished their final postcards and I will put them in the mail and then, that’s it.

Last Saturday, or two Saturdays ago, my friend and I attended a AROHO writing circle for women. It was interesting. A majority of the women were older than us by 10 to 20 years, and most had very good writing, but for me there was one woman who stood out stronger than the rest. She was a poet and a song writer and had been for several years. I read a short bit, not my best, but it was good to practice reading. Then we left. This picture is now a flash on the website for the grant. It makes it seem like much more than it was, like we were at some huge convention with famous writers. It was held in a woman’s house with a Quiche some fruit and some very nice women sharing their writing. I guess that would be considered salon style from back in the days before television and this is what people did for entertainment. Seems so much nicer when you think of it like that.

Lastly, I had applied to a casting agency, nothing serious, I don’t even have a headshot, but I’ve been doing some fun modeling for the blog that I write for work, and the photographer takes professional level photos, so I sent a few of those over with my acting resume. They want to meet and audition me. It sounds good, but I had read some bad reviews on them as an agency and I am hesitant. Part of me thinks to just blow it off because most likely they will want me to pay up front in order to put my headshots on their site. Also it is a modeling agency which means I would never get a job, I’m fat and old when it come to being a model. I was just looking to do some extra work since you can get a bit of cash, and it is easy work and pretty fun. It is sometimes boring but you can bring a book. I think the place is probably legit in that they find money and jobs for real models but they can make extra cash on idiots like me just hoping to get a break. Of course I don’t want a break, I just would like to make a little money doing what I actually have a degree in, and it is not modeling. Still I’ll probably audition, just for the practice. It isn’t like I have any money to give them anyway, so really I am wasting their time, but that’s fine with me.


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