The First Novel Can it be Published? The terror…

Reading about how to go about getting your novel published is about as exciting as sticking your face into a blender. I feel like I am reading things like this:

At one time it was plausible to get your first novel published as an unknown writer, but now unless you are perfect, you wont get published, and you wont get published anyway because you are too original, and we need copycat writers, in fact, can somebody call Paris Hilton, I hear she wants to write another book about her chihuahua.

I’m not quoting anyone in particular, just a muddy mash of all the articles I have read.  Then there is this:

So, you just wrote your first novel, and you think it is brilliant, and you can’t wait to let the world see your masterpiece, and you want to know how to get it published? Well here’s the cold truth and it isn’t pretty. Your novel isn’t brilliant, and be prepared to know that people will tell you that, and even if it is the chances are still slim to none of YOU getting published, because nobody wants to read your crap, not when we can read Sarah Palin’s latest book. Now go dig your grave so you can die because you suck you delusional writer.

Granted, I loosely translated, and there is some interpretation, but that’s they way it all reads. I don’t know why they don’t just write, “don’t bother.” I suppose I can put off putting my face back into the blender until the editing is finished. Who knows maybe I’ll have four novels written and unpublished before I die.  But, on a more sincere thought, I do find it discouraging when I read these “helpful tips and sites” on getting published for the first time. I’m not certain when, or if, I will actually get around to my first novel, or having anything ever published. I certainly don’t feel like submitting my work to organizations or publishing houses that don’t want to take a chance on me or anyone new for that matter just because they are afraid they wont make any money off of us. I mean suck it up right, we have to, we writers don’t make any money on writing for years or if ever, so how can I want to give my “crappy” new novel to someone who just wants to make money off it? Sure, sure they care about the artist. Blah! Whatever. My maturity is really showing itself right now, I know. I just think the large publishing houses are wrong. I think writing and publishing is not dying just changing, and yes some people will go e-books, and some will stay paper, but just focusing on mega booksellers was never a good plan anyway. Besides, I think there are some really exciting things going on in the world of small press, and like many of the independent movements, small press is another way of keeping the world of poetry and writing vibrant and alive. There are communities of writers and readers out there that are doing some pretty exciting things. I know, I have met some of them and they love words. We may never be rich as writers, and I may never be published, but my first novel wants to go to someone who would actually like to read it, and not an invisible market that no one understands because they don’t actually know who they are.

And another thing, I haven’t submitted my book yet because I am working on the fifth draft so no, “I didn’t write it once and think I had a masterpiece,” so mmmehw.


2 thoughts on “The First Novel Can it be Published? The terror…

  1. I, too, like small publishing houses. Like Grey Wolf Press. I think the writers in those publications are true to themselves and their craft. I’m not going to say chin up because I HATE IT when people say that to me. Sorrow is good for the art, no matter what art it is!

    • Yeah my next objective is to try to become more familiar with small press publishing houses. I am familiar with Grey Wolf Press. I think that is where many of are talented writers are now, supporting and being supported by the small press.

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