And Then Suddenly, You Have An Opportunity…

Last post I was boo hooing about getting a rejection letter from a writing program. Rejections are just a part of the creative world, unfortunately there just aren’t enough “jobs” to support the number of people who would love to make their living as artists. I do a lot of wound licking, most of the wounds are inflicted by my own design (probably a way of avoiding getting rejected). I was only disappointed for the day, because honestly there was no way I would be able to pay for the program. I applied believing I wouldn’t be accepted anyway and the entire point of applying was to apply, because you only truly get rejected if you never try. In an attempt to grow from my rejection experience, I wrote them back (as I do with everyone) and thanked them for their kind rejection (I know that sounds funny but I don’t know how else to say it) and that I was grateful for the personal response. I then went on to ask if they could let me know what I need to do in order to tip the scales in my favor. It is always worthwhile to ask this question. I think it may be rare to get a response, because maybe you were nowhere near the mark, or you just didn’t fit with the environment, but still maybe you were close, and maybe it was a thing as small as punctuation. If you can gain experience gain it. I sent the e-mail off, wrote my blog post then put the whole thing to rest. I have bigger fish to fry right now. For me to worry about being rejected from a writing program is trivial compared to the stress of having to move for the fourth time in a year. It’s kind of trivial to many things, well maybe it isn’t trivial since it is part of my life goal and dreams, but ya’ll know what I’m getting at right? Choose your battles when it comes to tears. Needless to say I was not expecting a response and I certainly wasn’t expecting this:

I’m writing with different news this time. One of our fiction students has accepted a job in California and is dropping out of the program before getting started. So! Since you were an alternate, I’m now writing with good news! Would you like to join the A— class of 2011?

We all hope so. Let me know soon as you can, and I’ll get you the details for how to register.

Well what the hell do you know? I’ve been accepted and asked into the program. This is awesome. Wait, I’m broke remember? I didn’t think I would be accepted and so it was safe to apply because I wouldn’t be accepted and therefore I wouldn’t need to worry about money. See how that mental stuff all works? Normally, I would feel pretty defeated right about now. This is the classic march to the mountain top to see what I can’t have and then the march back down into the dank dark valley, but not this time. I’m determined to find a way to get money.

Here is the break down: I need 400 now, to save my place. 957 on the first of July, another 957 in November, and a last payment of 957 around February. If you think this is a lot of money, you haven’t looked at the cost of Grad school lately, hell the cost of undergraduate school! This is really good for what it is, but yes it is a lot of money to someone like me. Still, I’m going to try. I’ll look for grants, and loans, and whatever, I’ll do a fundraiser, sell things whatever. I’m determined.

My first step: 400$ and when I got home from work today I received a check for 240$ for my work this past week with Playwrite Inc. There you go 160$ more dollars to go and then I will think about step two.

You know what the most gratifying part is? The only writing sample I submitted was my manuscript and your entire acceptance is based solely on your writing. They actually liked the first 25 pages of my book. I almost feel like it’s some sort of miracle. I’m in awe. I also have so much work to do. Fundraiser? I have never held a fundraiser in my life, and, it’s a fundraiser for me- that is beyond funny. Hell if I can actually do it, I should put together fundraisers for causes I think that matter! Not that I don’t matter, but you know, things that are bigger than me. I need to start here first before I move onto the world, I can barely keep my head above the water, I need to learn somethings first.

Here I go…


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