This Time Last Year, Fringe Festival and the great performers

I have never had a very good concept of time. I am fairly certain that there is nothing linear about it, it feels more like a loop of some sort, but that said, I was thinking back on last summer which might as well be documented as ten years ago because I feel so far removed from all the events and people (as is my fashion, for some questionable and unknown reason).

Last July, I was sharing an RV with four other women in a performance troupe called Inviting Desire. The show has gone on to a new cast and new performances since then, but in July of 2009, the four of us were in Canada performing in Winnipeg. In fact, our first Canadian performance was on July 17th. Right now, I imagine the fringers are heading from Montreal down to Winnipeg to get started pushing their shows. When you first arrive the city is quiet with locals, and the telephone poles and walls are free of posters. Next week the city will be covered with posters from over a hundred shows, and performers, and out of towners will swarm the downtown area looking to take in some of the best performances from the U.S. and Canada, sometimes people come from even farther distances like the U.K and sometimes even farther. For myself, even though I adore acting and it was what I wanted to do with my life, these experiences are a drop in a random hat, and pass so quickly, I am uncertain if I was actually there. Thankfully I was, and I had the chance to meet some amazing people.

I imagine next week Rob Gee will be getting into town early and begin plastering the city with his posters. It is a lot of work handing out flyers, plugging your show, meeting all the other performers and trying to go to shows. It is also a lot of fun. Rob is great, a top level poet and performer. He is so talented, and funny, and talks faster than anyone I have ever met. This is a bit from his show Fruitcake, about his experience working on a mental ward. I saw this show in Winnipeg and it was fantastic.

Some other incredible performers I met while on tour was Bryan Coffee, Jack Dagger and Becky Poole, just as a small intro to the outrageously creative talent from all over the world.

A couple special moments caught in Winnipeg last year in between the shows and the promoting.

Brian has a show going on in L.A. right now and if you are in the area you should check it out. If you happen to never have heard of the Fringe I suggest you take a summer vacation into Canada and experience what it is like when everyone, I mean an entire city, loves theatre.

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