Training Wheels: writing, blogging and moving

You ever think of a quote that someone wrote or said, and then you write it down or use it in context, and suddenly think: “Huh, is that really their quote or did I just make that up or is this a combination of me and they?”

I had that moment. I read a quote from Raymond Carver, god knows when, but it was about writing. I’ve been thinking a lot about his quote but when I wrote it down on the page for someone else I suddenly realized that I didn’t get it right. I tried to find it on the internet but I couldn’t. In DJ/VJ terms I think I did a literary mash-up. Or I just stole the whole thing flat-out and can’t remember where. Here is the quote as i wrote it:

Writing is like walking, you put one word in front of the other, but you don’t always know where you are going.

I know this came from him, but I got it wrong, yet it sounds pretty right as to what I was trying to convey. Here is another quote:

Learning to blog and navigate the webworld is like riding a bike. Sometimes someone gives you a push and some training wheels, and sometimes you have to learn on your own, but if you love it you start to upgrade, and then next thing you know you move to a road bike with some skinny tires and some drop handle bars, that at one time scared the shit out of you, but now you are whizzing through downtown traffic till one day you realize that this bike no longer fits you, in fact, you have been riding the wrong size for years, and it’s time to find one that does fit.

I made that one up. I’m nowhere near a road bike when it comes to this blogging jazz but I do know that I am uncomfortable where I am and I am ready to make some template changes and figure out how to make my ideas cleaner and more streamlined, meaning I would like the links to my short story blog and poetry blog to be more direct and succinct because as it is I’m not interested in updating my writing and that is no good. No good for me that is, you out there I have no idea what is good for you, but I would never make assumptions.

I’ve been doing research and it is slow because I am slow and I never had and training wheels or a push but I need to change my bike because this one is not as fun as it used to be.


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