Project Ideas

I have paid off half of my tuition for the Attic. I have until December to begin paying the second half which means I need to think up another fund-raiser. A Don’t Short Change the Muse II. I’m thinking Halloween theme kinda a something. I really enjoyed the variety aspect of the first one, but I want to create something more structured. During the Renaissance when they would have performances they would break up each act, my history of theatre course was so long ago so I am forgetting specifics, but it was something like a tablou or a performance with in the performance. I want to write a cheesy short four act play, but have the variety in between be really nice and fun. I also want to have a small gallery of Halloween or creepy/dark themed art. I have no idea how I am going to pull this loose idea together, but writing the play and finding a space would be the first place to start I think.

I also need to start getting my writing together for my first meeting with my mentor/teacher from The Attic Antheneum. I keep forgetting that I actually got into a program and that is what all the money-raising is about. The theme to the first months workshop is beginnings. Like, I needs to beginning to gets my ass in gear.

Lastly, (I’m sure I have other ideas) I will continue to build on this blog/website. I want someday in the future to have my own publishing company/arts education center something similar to McSweeny’s, and doing things like making my blog look more like a website, keeping up on blogging and writing are all apart of this long, long term goal. I want to make the arts profitable, not for a bunch of fat cats sitting in some production office, but profitable to the artist. I have no idea where or how to start, and since I am a struggling writer I have to figure out how to learn and build things with little or no money. It seems silly a small blog that few read, but it is good practice.

A’ight. Toodles.


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