A True Value

I am doing another Playwrite workshop. To avoid any possible chance of giving out too much information in regard to a confidential situation, all I will say is that I am working in a lock down facility with kids that are considered “high risk”. It’s been challenging, but with every challenge and any process where you work hard towards growing,  and hopefully helping another human being, the rewards are great and long lasting. Even if you never know those rewards.

I love doing this work. Yet, at the same time it tears at me. I had a huge trigger the other day, I was talking about the foster care system and I pulled an example of my own history into the discussion and suddenly these old memories came in and they punched me so hard that I started sobbing. I had no idea that that was going to happen. Working with these kids teaches me to be a better person. I listen, I think more cognitively, I have an even greater sense of compassion. At the same time I understand the world less. We have problems, problems that I can not even begin to address, and there is nothing to do but let it all go, but until we collectively begin to value each other, nothing will ever improve.


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