The results of the show and ending this blog

Who sucks at blogging?

Well I most certainly do. In all absolute honesty I don’t think I really get blogging. Unless you are informing of something this whole writing about yourself so the public can read about you, is… well, I don’t want to write anything that will come off as judgemental toward other bloggers that write about themselves, but I’m boring. I bore myself. I can not get up enough motivation to write about the things I do- so after this post I think I’m gonna retire this thing. It was a good self experiment. My intention was to have another form of writing, but like I said, I’m not interesting to myself to write about myself. I’ll keep my other blogs the one on short stories and the ones on poems, because I personally enjoy and feel motivated to write on them regardless of an audience. Anyway, I’ve prattled enough. For my last post:

Don’t Short Change the Muse went really well. I raised enough money to pay for my 3rd tuition payment. Only one more payment and then I am done. I’m pretty proud and amazed to be able to say my writing program was entirely paid for with money raised by art. Spectacular really.

Her are a few photos from the show. They are a little blurry and the photographer really likes feet.

The Walking Guild performing Witching Well

I'm performing my poem Remain Seated

Sarah Performing Cole Porters "The tale of the Oyster

The audience with some of the performers

Anna Fritz and David Waingarten playing

Performing the Witching Well

The Dance of the Seven Veils by Miss Fanny Fuller

There is also a video part that I have posted on my poetry blog.


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