Can’t seem to quit

Man, I want to end the blog, but then I get some dumb idea and want to express it. I just have to face the fact that there is no rhyme reason or method to my posts, and I will never be like the other blogs. Sigh. Anyway,

I’ve been watching the BBC show Skins. I’ve started on the 3rd season. It’s an all new cast except for two characters that had smaller parts in the previous 2 seasons. I didn’t grow up in the UK, and the education system is different, but the show follows a group of kids through their first year of college, which isn’t like a U.S. college, the closest I can compare is senior year. You get one group for two seasons then a new group or class and so on. I really liked the characters from the first two seasons and so far the third season’s kids aren’t growing on me yet. I’m also still a bit upset at how they ended the second season. Damn writers!

Every time I watch an episode I think, “and what the hell did I do in when I was a teen?” Damn. I know people don’t want kids to see these shows because they don’t want to advocate “such behavior” but looking back I think, I wish my hormones took over every once in a while. My parent’s (mom) had it so easy with me. I never did anything “bad”. Okay maybe once in a while, but comparatively. I just don’t remember having a lot of fun, (maybe no one really does)  you just can’t get away with that type of partying as an adult. When you are young and make some bad decisions (as long as there is no death or maiming involved) you don’t have to take full responsibility, and you could blame it on your age. If you act like that as an adult your just a sad drug addict or rich.

I’ve been thinking of wracking my brain and pulling out some old memories to play with some teen stories, but was I ever a teenager? I rarely went out. Did I? Well I wasn’t having sex I know that for certain, but there may have been one or two drug things, still, compared I was a “good” kid- not good in school, just the kind of kid that you didn’t have to call the police about. I was more like Jal, but without the music talent and the famous dad (if you know the show you get the reference). I had some friends though that you did have to call the police about. Hmmm well I’m a fiction writer, I could just make it up right?


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