I Kind of like Woody Allen films, but I’m not in Love or Anything

I can never decide if I like or hate Woody Allen films. Notice I didn’t say love or hate- just like.
I like them, but I can’t stand when he or someone acting like him is in them. The only time I liked him was in Hannah and her Sisters because I thought he was actually funny as the neurotic ex-husband, but most of the time he makes me want to pull my hair out. In Celebrity, which I finally just saw I had my usual Allen reaction: interest than boredom, annoyance, then back to interest, and then back to boredom, but I did like how it ended.
I thought Kenneth Branagh was great as Allen because he portrayed him perfectly. Each time he spoke or tried to hit on a woman I would yell, “why?” and want to peel my skin off one strip at a time, which told me, “yes” he is definitely playing Allen, he grates on me that much. Pain would be more pleasurable than listening to him stammer. Seriously, his personality is like nails on a chalkboard. So why watch his movies? I don’t know. I like a lot of the actors in his movies, and/or maybe it’s some kind of film buff thing.
Watching this movie was sort of like reading a book that at first you really like, but then it drags on too long, and really you want to put it down because you are bored, but you already invested the time so you might as well finish, and well, it was a satisfying ending because the prick got what he deserved in the end. Yes, I do know he does that on purpose, I don’t find it genius, just Woody Allen. My vote is still on Hannah and Her Sisters as my favorite. He can thank the actresses for that.
No matter how much his damn movies can annoy the hell out of me I haven’t been able to say I hate them, but I don’t love them. You know, I don’t even appreciate that he makes fun of himself. I do have to say, he knows how to capture a certain type. The thing is, there can only be one Woody Allen, and thank god for that because another director/writer like him may make me want to shoot myself, but still it is good that he writes and makes movies. He gives an amusing perspective to the New York art click and circles. Where I think he is making fun of them I think he also loves them. His style is clean, and the language is fast paced and funny even. I just can’t stand it when he is in those movies, because his character is the one that grates and irritates me, but he knows he’s like this and some people love him for it. What a niche. Plus He always gets great actors and actresses.

Ya’ll speak French right?




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